Chengdu J-20 General Specifications.

The Chengdu J-20, also known as Mighty Dragon, is a twin engine, fifth generation stealth, fighter aircraft, It’s perfect all weather. This multirole combat aircraft, designed for air to air and air to surface attack superiority missions, developed by China’s Chengdu Aerospace Corporation for the People’s liberation army air force. At present the J-20 current prototype rely on either two Shenyang ws-10G afterburning turbofan or Russian made al-31F turbofans.

Chengdu J-20 Credit: wikipedia

The aircraft has a digital features glass cockpit with two main large color LCD touchscreen situated side by side smaller auxiliary displays, and wide angle holographic head up display. A Helmet-mounted display system was also presented at zhuhai Airshow. The helmet is able to provide aiming assistance and help pilots to utilize battle management information more efficiently from other part of the airborne system.


Role: Stealth air superiority fighter

National origin: China

Top speed: 2, 100 km/h

Range: 6000 km

Combat range: 2,000 km

Service ceiling: 66,000 ft

G-limits: +9/-3

Wing loading 340 kg/m2

Length: 20 m

Crew: one

Length: 20.4 m

Wingspan: 13.5 m

Wing area: 78 m2

Empty weight: 19,391 kg

MTW: 37,013 kg

Fuel capacity: 25000 lb

Weight: 19, 390 kg

Unit cost: USD$100-120 Million

Program cost: US$4.4 billion

Engine type: Xian ws-15 Turbofan

Number built: 8 prototype 20+ initial production fighters

Introduction: 10 march 2017

Status: In service

Developed from: J-xx

Produced: 2009 present

Primary user: People’s liberation army air force.

First flight: 11 January 2011, 8 years ago.


Internal weapon bays

PL-10 short range AAM, PL-12 Medium Range AAM, PL-15 BVR Range AAM, PL-21 Long Range AAM, LS-6 Precision-guide bomb.

External Hardpoints: 4xunder wing pylon capable of carrying drop tanks.


Type 1475 (KLJ-5) active electronically scanned array

EOTS-86 electro-optical targeting system (EOTS)

EORD-31 infrared search and track

Distributed aperture system

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