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What Type of Aviation fuel use in an Aircraft?

INTRODUCTION Aviation fuels are prepared as per the specifications set for aero piston engines and aero gas turbine engines. Generally, piston engine fuels are the aviation gasolines and the turbine engine fuels are Jet fuels.  The specifications of both aviation gasoline and jet fuels have been laid down by the petroleum industry and accept­ed and

How measurement of pressure?

Introduction In many of the systems associated with the operation of aircraft and engines, liquids gases are used the pressures of which must be measured and indicated. The gauges and indicating systems fall into two main categories: Direct reading or those to which the source of pressure is directly connected. Remote reading or those having

How does a Helicopter Fly?

Helicopters are the true flying machines. It can take off and land without the need runway. It can hover in the air it can maneuver in any direction in a 360 degree space Helicopters use the airfoil principle to generate lift.  When the blades rotate relative to the air the special airfoil shape will generate

Introduction of Flight Controls.

INTRODUCTION Where an aeroplane is stable or unstable, it is necessary for the pilot to be able to control it, so that he can manoeuvre it into any desired position. Aircraft flight controls are the means to maneuver the aircraft into desired direction. Maneuvering of the aircraft from the cockpit involves: (i) Exercising cockpit controls

What is fluids, Air, Compressibility?

COMPRESSIBILITY We finish our short study of fluids with a short note on compressibility and its effects. So far all of our work on fluids has been based on the assumption that fluids are incompressible. This is certainly true for the practical application of fluid theory to liquids such as water but not so for

Basic air flow patterns over aerofoils and their effects.

INTRODUCTION Airflow over the aerofoil is the prime factor in aerodynamics. Flow pattern has tremendous effect on aerodynamic reaction on aerofoil. Flow is categorized in different types and classifications. This week introduces patterns of airflow, airflow terminology, effect of patterns of flow and importance of streamlining objects. FLUIDS IN MOTION The study of fluid in
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